Sale Dates for 2017
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Our Live Online Sales...

Due to the success of our online sales, we are changing the structure of our sales to run online sales every fortnight as follows:

Every Antiques Sale will conitnue online via in addition, alternate weekly General Sales (Wednesdays) in Saleroom 1 (Antiques Room) will be online.

Wednesday sales in Saleroom 2 will continue as usual, consisting of general tools, appliances, house clearance items etc. in the mornings and afternoons as before with furniture and new beds etc.

Antiques & Collectables Sales

2017 Dates
April: Thursday 27th - Live Auction
May: Thursday 25th - Live Auction
June: Thursday 22nd - Live Auction
July: Thursday 20th - Live Auction
August: Thursday 31st - Live Auction
September: Thursday 28th - Live Auction
October: Thursday 26th - Live Auction
November: Thursday 23rd - Live Auction
December: Thursday 7th - Live Auction

General, Vintage & Modern Furniture & Collectables

Vintage & Modern Furniture & Collectables Sales are held every Wednesday throughout the year.


Viewing for all auctions is on Tuesdays, from 9am - 5pm No lunchtime closing!

Online Sales

All our Online auctions are hosted by

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